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Oxytarm & Suco Bloc are distributed by Goddess Health & Beauty Ltd established since 1995 , a company specialising in innovative exclusive products and treatments in the Health & Beauty industry with quality and customer satisfaction being our priority. Our products have undergone vigorous tests and have assisted our clients in overall wellness, our products can be used as a daily supplement or as and when required.

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Oxytarm contains OxyGen™, Gaia Pharma's own specially designed colon cleansing formulation. A blend of ozone, oxygen and magnesium, tied together in a unique crystal grid matrix, Oxytarm is formulated for a gentle colon cleanse. When the tablet reaches the stomach, the gastric acids, together with the vitamin C and bioflavonoids, break down the bonds in the crystal structure and oxygen, ozone and magnesium are released.


30 Days Waistline

30 Days Waistline(TM) has been shown in placebo-controlled clinical trials over 12 weeks that the participants on average lost 3.5 kg while those receiving noneactive tablets lost 1.2 kg. That is 3 times better weight reduction than those who received the placebo tablets. In conjunction with a low calorie diet and healthy exercise, the weight reduction may be greater. No side effects were registered during the study which was published in the reputable periodical The Journal of International Medical Research.


30 Days Waistline & Oxytarm

Lose Weight Effectively with 30 Days Waistline and Oxytarm boosting your overall body fat burning to the Max!






Oxytarm Fruit & Fiber Plum

Oxytarm Fruit & Fibre Plum is nutritional supplement that speeds up the digestive system. It contains Umeboshi which is a pickled Japanese apricot that contributes to a normal bowel and colon function.







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