Oxytarm Fruit & Fiber Plum

Oxytarm Fruit & Fibre Plum is nutritional supplement that speeds up the digestive system. It contains Umeboshi which is a pickled Japanese apricot.


A highly effective laxative developed for people who need relief from constipation. Good gut bacteria – probiotic lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. Tea – Green tea and Puer tea. Licorice. Matfibre. Umeboshi, tea and liquorice are all a natural fiber content. Plum maybe good for stomach / intestinal tract. Packaging: 15 plums Consume one fruit in the evening. The intended effect will normally occur the following morning, though some consumers suffice with just half a fruit.

Order 1 x 15 Plums Oxytarm Fruit & Fiber for £28