30 days waistline
30 Days Waistline


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30daysTM WAISTLINE is a food supplement with herbals extracts, DtoXTM, beta glucans and minerals.

A patented health supplement for waistline reduc- tion; reduces the accumulation of abdominal fat. It boosts energy level, supports the immune system and kidneys, and aids in detoxification of the liver. It is a revolutionary slimming product.

It contains a special combination of beta glucan 1.3/1.6 and botanical extracts that help the body fight inflammations and infections that distort cellular metabolism and may contribute to the accu- mulation of abdominal fat.

The clinical study showing the efficacy of 30daysTM, was presented at the International Obesity Con- gress, demonstrated significant effects in reducing the abdominal and waistline circumference within just 30 days.

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